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These questions were asked on the 'Why Study Materials?' website and have been answered by members of the UK Centre for Materials Education

Why is glass transparent?

What alloys are used to make aeroplanes or coins?

What is the newest material for football boots and what is the best?

Is stainless steel magnetic?

What is the hardest metal in the world?

What is Materials Science?

What are Materials?

What is the name of the material most used for baby changing mats?

Why should I study M.Tech in Materials Sciences? What are the prospects?

How would you describe Materials Engineering to someone who knows nothing about it?

What is a normal working day of an Materials Engineer like?

What is a 'grain' and 'grain size'?

What dissolves Al/Ti/Zr oxides?

Why is aluminium lighter than other materials?

1. Do solids dissolve in water? If so which ones? 2. Do solids melt? If so which ones? 3. Do solids conduct electricity - if so which ones?

What is the difference between glass and ceramics?